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Which is the best real estate website in India

Which is the best real estate website in India

It is very difficult question that which is the best real estate website in India to answer? But here we will let you know some real estate website that offers a complete solution for your property business. In this business our broker and real estate will help you to buy and sell your home, apartment and property.

Today here I am going to tell about 99Acres website. It is one stop name and having good reputation in real estate business. It runs its business smoothly and honestly, its customer care service is excellent and you will get full support here. There are many real estate websites in India but when it comes to search the property.  

The website is discovered and running since 2005 and now you can get mobile friendly interface of the portal which allowed their customers as well the brokers to view in a simple interface. 99Acres is the popular names in the real estate industry, 99 acres is included in one of the premium real estate web portals of India. A part from this here is some very good real estate website listed below.

A lot of people always depend on local real estate brokers and agent to buy and sell their property but here with this website you will approach the sellers directly through these real estate companies.

List of Real Estate Website in the World

  • Magic Bricks
  • Housing
  • Common Floor
  • OLX Homes
  • Quickr Homes
  • Sulekha Properties
  • Makaan

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