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Top 10 real estate websites in India – Free Guest Posting Service & Guest Blogging
Real Estate

Top 10 real estate websites in India

Top 10 real estate websites in India
  • Before name dropping a list of top 10 real estate websites firstly we know about real estate and its features in brief. A real estate is a technical term to pronounce home and property. It includes broker, agents, people, manpower, home, apartment and property.
  • Here is a small list of the top 10 real estate websites in India. You can also save on brokerage charges which are generally 1% to 2% for buying a property & 1 month brokerage for renting a property.
  1. 99 Acres: – 99 acres is the very first choice for real estate agents, brokers and customers as well.
  2. Magic Bricks: – It is on the second position but a lot of costumer also prefers this website.
  3. Housing: – It a new name in real estate field and it has good reputation towards customers.
  4. Square Yards: – It has so many branches in so many locations for its services to customer.
  5. Common Floor: – A lot of customers and real estate brokers like to buy and sell through this site.
  6. Makaan: – Makaan is a very old website offers complete real estate solution to buy and sell.
  7. Sulekha Properties: – It belongs to an Indian real estate website that gives real estate solution.
  8. Zricks: – Zricks is the one stop name in real estate for both customer and property dealers.
  9. Quikr Homes: – Quikr is also an India real estate and search engine service provider.

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