The Lion and the Mouse Story for Kids in English

The Lion and the Mouse Story for Kids in English

A lion and a small mouse used to live in jungle at the same place.

One day lion was sleeping in the jungle when a mouse came and starts running up and down on his body for getting fun.

Lion was on deep sleep that’s why he woke up accidentally with quite angry.

Lion caught the small mouse and thought to eat the mouse that time.

The mouse requested the lion to leave him free and promised that will help to lion someday in his life.

The lion laughed at the mouse and leave him and let him go free.

One day some hunters came into the jungle and trap the lion and took the lion with them.

They tied him up lion with a strong tree with the help of a net.

The lion was struggling to get out from the net and trying to break the net.

On the same day that small mouse was wandering in jungle and saw lion in problem.

As soon as possible the mouse came and cut the rope and net and helps the lion to get out from the problem. After that what happened mouse saved the life of lion and lion said thanks to small mouse?

Moral of the story

A small person can help for big one that’s why we should help each other.

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